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Durável is a manufacturer of premium concrete products for professionals. Durável products are ideally suited for all concrete contractors, coatings applicators, repair and maintenance crews, and other professionals in the concrete industry. We manufacture our products in Charlotte NC with distribution throughout the United States. Using quality-tested materials in proprietary formulations, we can provide you with everything you need to beautify, repair, and maintain concrete surfaces, coatings, and overlays. Our products include translucent stains, texture overlay bag mixes, repair mortars, clear and colored concrete sealers, cleaning and maintenance solutions, and more. Durável products for professionals are engineered to protect and beautify concrete in even the harshest conditions.

Concrete Overlay Products

Dark Gray Traffic-Rated Concrete Overlay

Durável TRO™

Traffic-Rated Concrete Overlay

Durável TRO is a heavy-duty traffic-rated cement overlay system that is engineered to restore texture to worn concrete, and to repair spalls and salt damage. The nearly invisible fiber reinforcement in the mix significantly increases flexural strength and tensile strength.

Warm Weather Texture Concrete Overlay

Durável TSO™

Texture Spray Concrete Overlay

Durável TSO is a heavy-duty decorative texture cement overlay system which is designed to beautify old and new concrete alike. Using the latest single-component technologies, Durável TSO has been engineered to lead the industry in compressive strength, durability, adhesion, and ease of use.

Thin Concrete Overlay Microtopping

Durável TCO™

Thin Concrete Concrete Overlay

Durável TCO is an extremely flexible Micro-Topping overlay that can be used for interior and exterior applications. This is where both imagination and functionality meet. Durável TCO can be used to create a fresh flat surface or unique texture on old tired and worn concrete.

Color Packs for Concrete Overlays

Overlay Color Packs

UV-Stable Overlay Colors – Iron Oxides

Durável Overlay Color Packs are formulated for use in any Durável overlay bag mix or repair mortar. Pure iron oxide pigments permanently color the overlay for a range of design applications.

Concrete Stain Products

Concrete Stain -Water Based


Semi-Transparent Concrete Stain

Durável water based semi-transparent stains In-Fluence the color of natural or cement based overlay systems to create beautiful one-of-a-kind surfaces. These stains are enhanced with a revolutionary bonding agent to increase the durability of the stain prior to application of a topcoat. The formula is non-acrylic and water based, so there is no inhibitor for the topcoat to bond to the substrate. Since there are no acrylics to build up, In-Fluence stains can be mixed together or applied in multiple layers to create surfaces that replicate natural materials like stone, slate, wood and so many more! In-Fluence color formulas have been blended to create mottled surfaces even when only choosing a single color for application.

Clear Exterior Sealers

Concrete Cure and Seal 1315 First Day Plus by Duravel

First Day PLUS™

Concrete ASTM 1315 Sealer

Durável First Day Plus is a high gloss pure acrylic sealer for fresh poured concrete and resealing. The MMA-enhanced 25% solids formula allows concrete to hydrate properly and increased protection from salt, rain, ice, and inclement weather that typically damages concrete. ASTM 309 and ASTM 1315

Clear Concrete Sealer 20% Solid 5 Gallon Pail


20% Clear Exterior Sealer

Durável clear concrete sealers for natural and colored concrete, stamped concrete, and decorative overlay. Superior protection from UV rays, deicing products, and staining. Durável clear exterior concrete sealers for natural and colored concrete, stamped concrete, and decorative overlay. 

5 Gallon Pail for DV-30 Clear Concrete Sealer

Durável TCO™

30% Clear Acrylic Sealer

Durável DV-30 is a High-Performance Silane 30% solids Methyl-Methacrylate Acrylic clear concrete sealer providing excellent color enhancement with a non-yellowing crystal-clear finish. DV-30 is high gloss, color enhancing and formulated using the latest technology for superior bond to concrete and overlay.

Concrete Cleaners – Repair Products

Concentrated Concrete Cleaner

Duravel ECP™

Concentrated Concrete Cleaner

Durável ECP is a concentrated combination of detergents, degreasers and acids used to clean and profile unsealed concrete substrates in preparation for overlayments, stains, and coatings. urável ECP can also be used to clean sealed surfaces in preparation for a fresh coat of sealer. 

Thick Concrete Repair Mix - TRO by Duravel

Durável TRM™

Thick Concrete Repair Mortar

Duravel TRM is a fiber reinforced, heavy duty cement repair mortar system engineered to fill holes and gouges, build ramps, and correct slope. Duravel TRM can be used for neat repairs as much as two inches thick and taper down to nearly a feather edge on horizontal surfaces. Pea gravel can be added for repairs up to four inches deep.


Xylene 1330-20-7 - One and five 5 Gallons

Xylene Pure Solvent

Xylene Pure Virgin Solvent 1330-20-7. Xylene is a colorless mixture of chemically-related hydrocarbons that often finds use as a solvent for paints and coatings.
Acetone Pure Virgin Solvent 67-64-1

Acetone Pure Solvent

Acetone Pure Virgin Solvent
Denatured Alcohol 1 and 5 Gallon Hexone Methanol Ethyl Alcohol Blend

Denatured Alcohol

Denatured Alcohol Hexone Methanol Ethyl Alcohol Blend

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