UV Stable Colorant for Polyaspartic

Colorant for Polyaspartic

PS-TINT is a high solids pigment pack formulated for use specifically with Durável polyaspartic coatings. Available in 14 standard colors plus three safety colors. Use the recommended dose of pigment for the polyaspartic solids content. Excessive amounts of tint can cause pigment float and an uneven colored coating. Adding PS-Tint may shorten the pot life and cure time of the polyaspartic product used.

Quick Facts: Colorant for Polyaspartic

14 Standard Colors

Safety Colors also Available

Solid Opaque Coverage   


32 Ounce Pigment Packs


Typically, 9 oz pigment per one gallon polyaspartic for solid opaque coverage. Due to the amount of solids content in various PS products, the suggested amount of colorant may need to be adjusted. A sample should be applied to make sure the proper color is achieved.

TYPICAL USES of Colorant for Polyaspartic:

For Solid color finish coats used in Industrial, Commercial, and Residential applications such as:

Residential or Commercial Garages

Warehouse and Office Space

Manufacturing and Workshops


Aircraft Hangers

PRODUCT ADVANTAGES Colorant for Polyaspartic

Ultra Fine Pigment for Easy Dispersion

Field packs to Reduce Waste

Economical for Solid Color Applications

UV Stable and Chemically Resistant.

Low Odor


Always mix or mechanically shake PS-Tint colorant prior to blending in resin. Add PS-Tint to Part A and mechanically mix slowly for 2 minutes using a Jiffy-style mixer. When ready, add colored Part A to Part B and mechanically mix for 2 minutes before applying to the surface.