Concrete Floor Moisture - Vapor Mitigating Epoxy

EMT –  Floor Moisture / Vapor Mitigation

100% Epoxy Two-component 

Concrete Floor Moisture - Vapor Mitigating Epoxy

Durável EMT is a two-component 100% solids moisture vapor mitigating epoxy system that is moisture tolerant and low VOC. The system limits the transmission of moisture, odors, and other undesirable elements through concrete slabs. EMT has a rapid cure time for quick recoat intervals. EMT moisture mitigating epoxy allows the direct bond of most coating systems, leveling products, and adhesives.


The product must be between 60°F and 75°F when mixed. Colder or warmer temperatures will significantly slow or accelerate working and cure times. Each component should be mixed thoroughly with individual tools. Using the same tool to mix part A and Part B will cause contamination and ruin the material being saved for future use. EMT is to be mixed at a ratio of 1 part A to 1 part B. In clean mixing containers pour the correct ratio in and mechanically mix for 4-5 minutes using a jiffy-style mixer at about 300 rpm. DO NOT USE A STIR STICK! The amount of material mixed should only be what can be utilized within the listed pot life of the product.


Do not leave mixed material in the mixing container. The mixed product should be poured onto the floor in ribbons then spread at the desired coverage rate and backrolled. A flat or notched squeegee is the most efficient method to quickly get the material across the floor. Do not over-work the product. Use a film gauge to verify the thickness of the wet material. The product must be protected from strong sunlight, wind, drafts, and UV exposure until covered.

RECOAT: Recoat time listed above is directly affected by the ambient surface temperature. Apply additional coatings as early in the recoat window as possible for the best results. Even within the recoat window, it is recommended to abrade and clean the existing coat. If the recoat window has passed, it is critical to thoroughly abrade the surface with 80 to 120 grit sanding screens. Thoroughly clean the existing coating before abrading to remove potential contaminants.