Color Packs for Concrete Overlays

Concrete Overlay Color Packs

Consistent Color Results UV-Stable Iron Oxides

Color Packs for Concrete Overlays
Durável Overlay Color Packs are formulated for use in any Durável overlay bag mix or repair mortar. Pure iron oxide pigments permanently color the overlay for a range of design applications. Available in 24 standard colors, we premeasured these colors for consistence color, from one overlay to another.

Durával TRO – Don’t Just Color Overlays… Durável It!

Overlay Color Packs are conveniently packaged in pre-measured ready-to-use sacks for consistent color results across the entire project. Simply add the contents of one Overlay Color Pack while mixing the overlay.

Mixing Instructions

Follow mixing instructions of the selected Durável bag mix. In the mixing pail, add the pre-measured water for the particular application. Pour the entire contents of the Overlay Color Pack sack into the mixing water and blend thoroughly. Add the entire contents of the Durável bag to the blended water and mix until evenly distributed. When mixing multiple batches, always add full color pack to each mix to maintain a consistent surface color. Mixing of partial bags will most likely result in an inconsistent color.

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Duravel Concrete Overlay Color Chart