Water-Based Semi-Transparent Concrete Stain – In-Fluence™

Durável water based semi-transparent stains In-Fluence the color of natural or cement based overlay systems to create beautiful one-of-a-kind surfaces. These stains are enhanced with a revolutionary bonding agent to increase the durability of the stain prior to application of a topcoat. The formula is non-acrylic and water based, so there is no inhibitor for the topcoat to bond to the substrate.

Since there are no acrylics to build up, In-Fluence stains can be mixed together or applied in multiple layers to create surfaces that replicate natural materials like stone, slate, wood and so many more! In-Fluence color formulas have been blended to create mottled surfaces even when only choosing a single color for application.

One Gallon Ready to Use (RTU)  |   32oz. Concentrate  |  4oz. Ready to Use (RTU)

In-Fluence Stain Features:

  • Spray, brush, or sponge strong and vibrant colors in layers or blend them together.
  • Enhanced Bonding Agent to Assist Color Retention Prior to Topcoat
  • Blend of Water-Based Colors Used on Flat or Textured Surfaces to Create a Unique Mottled Finish
  • 24 Essential Colors to Beautify Natural Concrete or Create the Appearance of Stone, Slate, Wood and More
In-Fluence Concrete Stain - Semi-Transparent for Decorative Concrete Applications
In-Fluence by Duravel Products
  • Stain Natural Concrete or Cement Overlays
  • Create One-of-a-Kind Surfaces Utilizing the Natural Beauty of Concrete
  • Enhance the Color of Stamped Concrete
  • Replicate the Look of Acid Stain Without the Mess or the Labor
  • Vertical and Horizontal Concrete Staining
  • Strong and Vibrant Colors
  •  Enhanced Bonding Agent to Assist with Color Retention Prior to Topcoat
  •  24 Colors Available to Create Limitless Combinations
  • Penetrates Concrete Pours
  • Easier than Reactive Acid Stains
  • Water-Borne Stain – Easy Clean-Up
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Standard In-Fluence Stain Colors:

Amber Concrete Stain In-Fluence
Aquamarine Concrete Stain In-Fluence
Battleship Gray Concrete Stain In-Fluence
Caramel Tan Concrete Stain In-Fluence
Dolphin Concrete Stain In-Fluence
Fog Light Gray Concrete Stain In-Fluence
Goldenrod Concrete Stain In-Fluence
Hazel Concrete Stain In-Fluence
Caribbean Concrete Stain In-Fluence
Chestnut Concrete Stain In-Fluence
Coffee Espresso Concrete Stain In-Fluence
Denim Concrete Stain In-Fluence
Jasper Concrete Stain In-Fluence
Latte Concrete Stain In-Fluence
Mahogany Concrete Stain In-Fluence
Leather Concrete Stain In-Fluence
Midnight Concrete Stain In-Fluence
Pecan Concrete Stain In-Fluence
Sky Blue Concrete Stain In-Fluence
Steel Concrete Stain In-Fluence
Storm Cloud Concrete Stain In-Fluence
Sunset Maple Concrete Stain In-Fluence
White Concrete Stain In-Fluence
Willow Concrete Stain In-Fluence
Water Based Concrete Stain - In-Fluence™ by Duravel

The In-Fluence stain colors offer a wide range of options for transforming flat or textured surfaces into stunning works of art. With 24 essential colors to choose from, you can easily beautify natural concrete or create the appearance of stone, slate, wood, and more. Whether you want to stain natural concrete or cement overlays, these water-based colors will help you achieve a one-of-a-kind surface that showcases the natural beauty of concrete.

One of the great advantages of using In-Fluence stain colors is that they allow you to enhance the color of stamped concrete without the mess or labor involved in traditional acid staining methods. The vertical and horizontal concrete staining capabilities make it easy to apply the stain to any surface, regardless of its orientation.

The enhanced bonding agent in these stains ensures excellent color retention, even before applying a topcoat. This means that your vibrant and strong colors will last for a long time, maintaining their beauty and appeal. With 24 colors available, you have limitless combinations to choose from, allowing you to create unique and personalized designs.

Another advantage of In-Fluence stain colors is that they penetrate into concrete pours much easier than reactive acid stains. This makes the application process smoother and more efficient, saving you time and effort. Additionally, these water-borne stains offer easy clean-up, making the entire staining process hassle-free.

In conclusion, the In-Fluence stain colors provide a versatile and convenient solution for transforming flat or textured surfaces. With their wide range of colors and easy application, you can create stunning finishes that replicate the look of natural materials or enhance the beauty of concrete. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, these stains are a must-have for any project.

In-Fluence Water Based Stain 164oz

1 Gallon Ready-to-Use

In-Fluence Water Based Stain 32oz

32oz. Concentrate

In-Fluence Water Based Stain 32oz

4oz. Ready-to-Use

Duravel Products In-Fluence Stain Color Chart Download

People commonly use water-based concrete stains, such as In-Fluence stain colors, to stain concrete surfaces. This is because they have a semi-transparent appearance and offer several benefits. Here are some reasons why you might consider using semi-transparent water-based concrete stain:

Semi-transparent stains show the concrete’s texture and color, giving it a natural and genuine appearance. Enhance the appearance of concrete or replicate the look of stone, slate, or wood with this great option.

2. Many colors available: Semi-transparent stains come in different colors, including 24 essential colors from In-Fluence. This wide range of options allows you to choose the perfect color to complement your design or match existing elements in your space.

3. Easy Application: Water-based stains are generally easier to apply than other types, such as reactive acid stains. You can use a brush, roller, or sprayer to apply them. They enter the concrete pores easily, making the application process smoother and more efficient.

You can use water-based stains on flat and textured surfaces, making them versatile for many concrete projects. These stains cover well and are easy to apply without the hassle of traditional acid staining methods. You can use them on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

5. Stains with strong bonding keep their color for a long time, this means the vibrant and strong colors achieved with these stains will last long, maintaining their beauty and appeal.

6. Easy Clean-up: Water-based stains offer easy clean-up with soap and water, making the entire staining process hassle-free. This is great if you like doing things yourself or if you’re working on a project where cleanliness and convenience matter.

Semi-transparent water-based concrete stains provide a convenient and versatile solution for transforming concrete surfaces. They have many colors, are easy to apply, keep their color for a long time, and are easy to clean.

Sky Blue
Storm Cloud
Sunset Maple

Duravel Concrete Stain is a popular choice among professionals for staining concrete surfaces. I can provide you with general information about why Duravel Concrete Stain is superior to its competitors. The text does not mention this information.

People know Durável Concrete Stain for its exceptional durability. It forms a strong bond with the concrete surface, ensuring that the color lasts long, even in high-traffic areas. This durability sets it apart from other concrete stains on the market.

Durável Concrete Stain offers a wide range of color options. This allows you to choose the perfect shade that complements your design or matches existing elements in your space. The variety of colors ensures you can achieve the desired look for your concrete surfaces.

Durável Concrete Stain is easy to apply. You can apply it using a brush, roller, or sprayer, which makes the staining process more convenient and efficient. The stain penetrates the concrete pores easily, resulting in a smooth and even application.

Durável Concrete Stain is versatile and suitable for flat and textured surfaces, making it ideal for different concrete projects. Durável Concrete Stain is great for both horizontal and vertical surfaces, with easy application and excellent coverage.

Low Maintenance: Durável Concrete Stain requires minimal maintenance once applied. It won’t fade or change color, so the stain’s bright colors will stay vibrant for a long time. Additionally, you can easily clean it with soap and water, making the maintenance process hassle-freewhen sealed.

These are some of the factors that make Duravel Concrete Stain stand out from the competition. The benefits of Duravel Concrete Stain can differ based on the brand and formula used.