Texture Spray Overlay for Decorative Finishes

Spray Overlay for Decorative

Texture Finishes

Sprayable Concrete Overlay

Texture Spray Overlay for Decorative Finishes

Durável TSO is a heavy-duty decorative texture cement overlay system which is designed to beautify old and new concrete alike. Using the latest single-component technologies, Durável TSO has been engineered to lead the industry in compressive strength, durability, adhesion, and ease of use.

Don’t Just Overlay it… Durável It!

Durável TSO™ Decorative Concrete Overlay is a self-bonding add water-only white Portland cement-based composite that can be integrally colored in the field. Durável TSO can be applied using conventional concrete tools such as a squeegee, assorted trowels, or hopper gun to create multiple textures and finishes. Texture “dressing” options include knockdown and stencil finishes and extraordinary surfaces that can replicate real stone, slate, or even wood surfaces with the use of In-Fluence Stain™ colors and sealer. Durával TSO will handle all residential and commercial traffic, including light vehicular traffic. The single-component bag mixes are available in two formulations: warm weather and cold weather.


Mix single bags in clean 5-gallon pails with a helical mixing blade. Water demand varies with environmental conditions and application technique, between 4 and 5.5 quarts per bag (2.8 to 5.2 liters). For best results and longest pot life use clean, cold water – run hot water out of hoses prior to using for mixing – and keep bags cool by not storing in direct sun. Measure mix water into mixing vessel. When applicable, add pigment to the water and thoroughly blend prior to adding bag mix. While mixing slowly, add the bag contents then mix to a lump-free consistency. Make sure to scrape any unmixed product from the sides and bottom of the mixing vessel. Mixed product should be applied promptly and kept out of direct sunlight (if possible) to extend working time. If the product stiffens in the bucket dispose of the mix, do not add more water.


When troweling: pre-wet substrate to Saturated Surface Damp (SSD), and continue wetting as needed during product application. Pour out mixed product onto the substrate in ribbons over the immediate work area then spread evenly with trowels and/or squeegees. Under normal conditions, the mixed product has a +/- thirty-minute pot life so it is not necessary to pour out the entire mix at once. See the Coverage Rate above.

When spraying: keep the substrate dry. Mask off and protect adjacent surfaces. Use a hopper gun or compressed air sprayer to apply mixed product to the desired texture. The compressor should be rated 5.0 CFM or higher for a consistent application. Hopper application pressure is typically 40 PSI from the compressor then adjusted manually at the valve and nozzle size to control desired texture. Coverage ranges from 120 to 200 square feet per bag depending on texture applied.

Do not apply Durável TSO in locations which are permanently submerged.

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