Liquid Concrete Remover - Concrete Eraser™ by Duravel

Concrete Eraser™

Biodegradable Chemical Concrete Removal

Liquid Concrete Remover - Concrete Eraser™ by Duravel
Durável Concrete Eraser™ is a 100% biodegradable chemical concrete removal tool that reverses the bond of cement and returns concrete back into a loose slurry that is easily rinsed away.
Concrete Eraser™ is non-corrosive, non-combustible, and will not harm human skin. Use it to erase concrete from vehicle paint, mixing drums, tools, finishing machines, and other surfaces. Loosened concrete remnants can be safely washed away with no harm to the environment.


Typical Uses

  • Clean mixing trucks and chutes
  • Remove concrete splash
  • Restore hand tools
  • Unclog pump lines and drains


Product Advantages

  • Non-corrosive, no acids
  • Safe for use on most paints
  • Vertical and horizontal use
  • Environmentally safe


Stir or gently shake before use.


Do not dilute product. Do not apply to wet substrates. Apply liberally by pump sprayer or trigger sprayer to saturate concrete to be removed. Avoid excessive build up. On rough surfaces agitate the applied product with a soft brush. Results will appear after about five minutes. Rinse clean with cold water; to avoid scratching do not wipe or brush residues over painted surfaces. Repeat as needed. Deposits on small tools can be easily removed by soaking in a tub of product then rinse clean.

Always test results in an inconspicuous area to verify desired results. Protect adjacent surfaces as needed.

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