Base-IC 98% Solids Polyurea Base Coat

Base-IC Polyurea 

98% Solids Polyurea Base Coat

Base-IC 98% Solids Polyurea Base Coat

BASE-IC is a fast cure 98% solids polyurea system primarily used under broadcast flakes or quartz for a quick turnaround. Using BASE-IC allows broadcast systems to become one day installs. There are four different formulas of BASE-IC to allow for a wide range of substrate temperatures. BASE-IC is field-tintable with 14 solid colors utilizing B-TINT packs.


The amount of material mixed should only be what can be utilized within the listed pot life of the product. Each component should be mixed thoroughly with individual tools, part B may be shaken in lieu of mixing. BASE-IC is to be mixed at a ratio of 2 parts A to 1 part B. In clean mixing containers pour the correct ratio in and mechanically mix for 3 minutes using a Jiffy-style mixer. DO NOT USE A STIR STICK!


BASE-IC is recommended only as a receive coat under full broadcast of flakes or quartz aggregate. Mixed product may be poured onto the floor in thin ribbons then spread and backrolled. A flat or notched squeegee is the most efficient method to quickly get the material across the floor. Alternatively, dip and roll the product from a roller pan. Do not over-work the product.

RECOAT: Recoat time listed above is directly affected by the ambient surface temperature. Apply additional coatings as early in the recoat window as possible for the best results. Even within the recoat window it is recommended to abrade and clean the existing coat. If the recoat window has passed, it is critical to thoroughly abrade the surface with 80 to 120 grit sanding screens. Thoroughly clean the existing coating before abrading to remove potential contaminants.