High Solids Tint for Base Coat Floor Polyurea Coating Base-IC

B-TINT™ Polyurea Colors

Color Additive for Base-IC Polyurea Floor Coating

 B-TINT is a high solids pigment pack to be used specifically with the BASE-IC line of polyurea products. Available in 14 standard colors. One 32 oz tint pack is to be used with each 3-gallon kit of BASE-IC. Excessive amounts of tint can cause pigment float and an uneven colored coating. Adding Tint Packs will not alter the pot life or cure time of the coating

Quick Facts: B-TINT™ Polyurea Colors

14 Standard Colors
        Solid Opaque Coverage   

        32 Ounce Pigment Packs


32 oz of B-TINT should be added to Part A of a 3-Gallon kit of BASE-IC. Test an area first to make sure coverage is adequate.

TYPICAL USES of B-TINT™ Polyurea Colors:

For Solid color base coats used in Industrial, Commercial, and Residential applications such as:

Schools and Universities

Residential Garages and Basements

Manufacturing and Warehouse Floors

Retail, Restaurants, and Hospitality

Healthcare and Medical Offices


Ultra-Fine Pigment for Easy Dispersion

Field Packs to Reduce Waste


Portioned for Addition 3-gallon Kits


Always mix or shake Base-IC Tint colorant prior to use. Add the entire 32-ounce contents to 2 gallons Part A and mechanically mix slowly for 2 minutes using a Jiffy-style mixer. When ready, add colored Part A to Part B and mechanically mix for 3 minutes before applying to the surface. Material may settle over time, re-mix as needed.


Clean tools with Xylene