Make Old Clear Acrylic Sealers New Again

Restore-A-Seal contains a strong blend of key solvents and surfactants designed to emulsify and re-flow old tired acrylic sealers. Thick layers of old sealer with a dingy faded look are made fresh again. Restor-A-Seal penetrates down through the deepest layers of sealer help the acrylics soak back into the concrete substrate, remove trapped moisture and eliminate blushing.

Quick Facts: Restore-A-Seal™

Dry Time, Tack Free – 30 to 60 minutes 

Dry Time, Foot Traffic – 4 to 6 hours 

Dry Time, Heavy Traffic – 24 to 48 hours 

Recoat Interval – 4 to 24 hours 

Application Temperature – 50° to 80° F 

VOC Content – < 100 g/L 


First coat: 150 – 250 sq ft per gallon 

Second Coat: 225 – 350 sq ft per gallon 

Coverage rates will vary greatly depending on how many layers of sealer need to be emulsified, application method, and original surface porosity.  


TYPICAL USES of Restore-A-Seal™

The unique formula used in Industrial, Commercial, and Residential applications such as: 

Stamped Concrete 

Overlay Products 

Stained Concrete 

Exposed Aggregate 

Broom Finish Concrete 


Removes trapped moisture 

Pure Solvents 

Works at lower temperatures 

Clear non-yellowing formula 


Material should be stirred well prior to application. Long term storage may allow material to separate.  


Applusing a solventresistant sprayer designed for this use. Restore-A-Seal may also be rolled using a ½” or 3/4” nap roller. Solvent should be applied evenly to the surface and allowed to breakdown the existing sealer. Use enough product to completely re-wet the existing sealer through to the bottom layer. A second treatment may be applied 4 to 24 hours later with the same methods if needed. Allow the sealer 24 hours to dry before returning to foot traffic. 48 hours to heavy traffic.