Pigment for USB Solvent Based Polyurethane

Pigment for USB Polyurethane

Pigment for USB Polyurethane Floor Coating

USB-TINT is high solids pigment to be used specifically with USB solvent-base polyurethane. 14 standard colors are available. Adding USB-Tint will not alter the pot life or cure time of the polyurethane.

Quick Facts: Polyurethane Floor Color


32 Oz Pigment Packs


Solid Opaque Coverage. Add nine ounces pigment per gallon of polyurethane.

TYPICAL USES of Polyurethane Floor Color:

For Solid color finish coats used in Industrial, Commercial, and Residential applications such as:

Residential or Commercial Garages

Warehouse and Office Spaces

Manufacturing and Workshops


Aircraft Hangers

PRODUCT ADVANTAGES Polyurethane Floor Color

Ultra Fine Pigment for Easy Dispersion

Field Packs to Reduce Waste

Economical for Solid Color Applications

UV Stable Pigment


If less than full kits will be mixed, each component should be mixed thoroughly with individual tools. Using the same tool to mix part A and Part B will cause contamination and ruin the material being saved for future use. UWB is to be mixed at a ratio of 4 parts A to 1 part B. In clean measuring containers pour the correct ratio in and mechanically mix for 3 minutes. DO NOT USE A STIR STICK! The amount of material mixed should only be what can be utilized within the pot life recommendations of the product. A jiffy style mixing paddle is recommended to limit the introduction of air while combining Part A and Part B.