Colorless Bubble Gum Stamp Release

Liquid Release

Colorless Bubble Gum Stamp Release

Colorless Bubble Gum Stamp Release

Liquid Release is a clear colorless release agent for use with concrete stamps and texture tools. The bubble gum scented liquid creates a lubricating barrier that prevents concrete from adhering to tools and extends the life of stamps and skins. Liquid Release leaves no residues as it evaporates reducing clean
up labor cost.

Quick Facts: Liquid Release

Dry Time – 1 to 2 hours

Application Temperature – 50° to 80° F


Typically 150-200 square feet per gallon, varies with surface porosity, texture and environmental conditions.

TYPICAL USES of Liquid Release

The unique formula used in Industrial, Commercial, and Residential applications such as: 

Freshly placed stamped concrete

Concrete stencils

Vertical stamped concrete


Pleasant bubble gum scent

Long Dwell Time

Slow Evaporation

Leaves No Residue


Apply in a mist by pump up sprayer on texture tools and the concrete surface, coating the surface as you work across the field. Clean tools with soap and water when done.