Stamp Concrete Overlay

Stamp Overlay Mix

Stampable Concrete Overlay

Stamp Concrete Overlay

Durável SOM™ is a stamped concrete overlay that can resurface a concrete surface to mimic fresh-poured stamped concrete. Available in warm weather and cold weather formulas to accommodate seasonal temperatures.

Durável SOM™ – Don’t Just Stamp it… Durável It!

Add Overlay Color Pack to mix water and blend thoroughly. Adjust water between 3.5 – 4.0 quarts and mix thoroughly. SOM may NOT be applied directly to concrete. Use Durável LBA bonding agent to prime the surface; apply SOM while still tacky. Use cam rake or gauge rake to spread material at thickness appropriate for the selected texture tools. Coverage per bag:  17 SF at 3/8” or 23 SF at 1/4″

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Stamp Concrete Overlay
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