Thick Concrete Repair Mix - TRO by Duravel

Thick Concrete Repair Mortar

 Fiber Reinforced Heavy Duty Concrete Repair Mix

Thick Concrete Repair Mix - TRO by Duravel

Duravel TRM is a fiber reinforced, heavy duty cement repair mortar system engineered to fill holes and gouges, build ramps, and correct slope. Duravel TRM can be used for neat repairs as much as two inches thick and taper down to nearly a feather edge on horizontal surfaces.

Durável TRO – Don’t Just Repair It… Durável It!

Pea gravel can be added for repairs up to four inches deep. Duravel TRM is formulated specifically as a repair mortar that will gain strength quickly without shrink cracking. The just-add-water mortar system is installed with conventional concrete tools. Superior bond strength is achieved by using in conjunction with Durável LBA bonding agent.


Mix single bags in clean 5-gallon pails with a helical mixing blade or use mortar mixer for multiple bags. Water demand varies with environmental conditions and application, between 3 and 4 quarts per bag (2.8 to 3.8 liters). For best results and longest pot life use clean, cold water – run hot water out of hoses prior to using for mixing – and keep bags cool by not storing in direct sun. Measure mix water into mixing vessel. While mixing slowly add the bag contents then mix to a lump-free consistency, being sure to scrape any unmixed product from the sides and bottom of the mixing vessel. Product must be thoroughly wetted prior to adding pea gravel (if applicable). Mixed product should be applied promptly. If the product stiffens in the bucket dispose of the mix, do not add more water.


Follow instructions for Durável LBA liquid bonding agent to prime substrate prior the the application of Durável TRM repair mortar. Apply repair while the bonding agent is still tacky.

Pour out mixed product onto the primed repair area then spread with trowels and/or squeegees. Durável TRM may be applied neat at thickness up to 2″. Use product in lifts for thicker repairs. When blended with washed pea gravel,  Durável TRM may be applied at thicknesses between 2” and 6”. Do not apply Durável TRM in locations which are permanently submerged.


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Use neat to Fill spalls and damaged areas in thicknesses up to 2″ per lift,. For repairs more than 2” in depth, 20% washed pea gravel is be added to the mix 10 pounds gravel per 50 pound mix).

.43 cu ft per bag.

COVERAGE ½” Thickness = 11 ft² (1 m² @ 13 mm)

1” Thickness = 5.5 ft² (.5 m² @ 25.4 mm)

2” Thickness w/ pea gravel = 3.3 ft² (.31 m² @ 50.8 mm)

3” Thickness w/ pea Gravel = 2.2 ft² (.2 m² @ 76.2 mm)

4” Thickness w/ pea Gravel = 1.7 ft² (.15 m² @ 101.6mm)


Thick Concrete Repair Mix - TRO by Duravel