Thick Concrete Repair Mix - TRO by Duravel

Thick Concrete Repair Mortar

 Fiber Reinforced Heavy Duty Concrete Repair Mix

Thick Concrete Repair Mix - TRO by Duravel

Duravel TRM is a strong cement repair mortar that fills holes, builds ramps, and fixes slopes with the help of fibers. Duravel TRM is suitable for repairs up to two inches thick. You can also taper it down to a very thin edge on flat surfaces.

Durável TRO – Don’t Just Repair It… Durável It!

You can add pea gravel for repairs up to four inches deep. Duravel TRM is a repair mortar formulated specifically to gain strength quickly without shrink cracking. You install the just-add-water mortar system with conventional concrete tools. Using Durável LBA bonding agent in conjunction achieves superior bond strength.


Mix single bags in clean 5-gallon pails with a helical mixing blade, or use a mortar mixer for multiple bags. Water demand varies with environmental conditions and application, between 3 and 4 quarts per bag (2.8 to 3.8 liters).

Use clean, cold water to get the best results and make the mixture last longer. Before mixing, run hot water out of the hoses. Also, keep the bags cool by not storing them in direct sunlight.

Measure the mixed water into the mixing vessel. Add the bag contents slowly while mixing. Make sure there are no lumps, and scrape any unmixed product from the sides and bottom of the mixing vessel.

Thoroughly wet the product before adding pea gravel (if applicable). Apply mixed product promptly. If the product stiffens in the bucket, dispose of the mix; do not add more water.


Use Durável LBA liquid bonding agent to prime the surface before applying Durável TRM repair mortar. Apply repair while the bonding agent is still tacky.

Pour out mixed product onto the primed repair area, then spread it with trowels and/or squeegees. You can apply Durável TRM neat at a thickness of up to 2″.

Use the product in lifts for thicker repairs. You can apply Durável TRM at 2″ and 6″ thicknesses when blending it with washed pea gravel. Do not apply Durável TRM in locations that are permanently submerged.


Use neat to Fill spalls and damaged areas in thicknesses up to 2″ per lift, To repair depths greater than 2″, add 20% washed pea gravel to the mix (10 pounds of gravel per 50-pound mix).

.43 cu ft per bag.

COVERAGE ½” Thickness = 11 ft² (1 m² @ 13 mm)

1” Thickness = 5.5 ft² (.5 m² @ 25.4 mm)

2” Thickness w/ pea gravel = 3.3 ft² (.31 m² @ 50.8 mm)

3” Thickness w/ pea Gravel = 2.2 ft² (.2 m² @ 76.2 mm)

4” Thickness w/ pea Gravel = 1.7 ft² (.15 m² @ 101.6mm)

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Duravel TRM repair mortar is a strong cement repair mortar that offers several benefits for various repair applications. Here are some reasons why you should consider using Duravel TRM repair mortar:

Versatility: Duravel TRM allows you to fill holes, construct ramps, and repair slopes. It suits repairs up to two inches thick and tapers to a very thin edge on flat surfaces.

2. Fiber Reinforced: Duravel TRM is a fiber-reinforced heavy-duty concrete repair mix. The fibers help enhance the strength and durability of the repaired area.

Duravel TRM quickly gains strength without shrink cracking. This means you can expect the repaired area to become strong and stable in a shorter time.

4. Easy Application: You can install Duravel TRM using conventional concrete tools. It comes in a just-add-water mortar system, making it convenient to mix and apply.

5. Superior Bond Strength: When used in conjunction with Durável LBA bonding agent, Duravel TRM achieves superior bond strength. This ensures that the repaired area adheres well to the substrate.

6. Pea Gravel Compatibility: If you need to make repairs deeper than two inches, you can add pea gravel to the mix. Duravel TRM works well with pea gravel, enabling you to make repairs up to four inches deep.

Overall, Duravel TRM repair mortar offers a reliable and effective solution for various concrete repair applications. Its strength, durability, and ease of use make it a popular choice among professionals in the construction industry.