Commercial Grade Overlays

Commercial Grade Concrete Overlays

Contractors can resurface commercial and residential concrete with our durable and versatile concrete overlays. Whether you’re looking for a slip-resistant broom finish for driveways and parking garages, a wood-look concrete for a restaurant patio, or a stamped concrete overlay to elevate a customers pool deck, we have a solution for every project.

With our sprayable overlay, you can quickly and easily resurface a customer’s pool deck and create a knockdown finish. Our TSO ( Texture Spayable Overlay ) is easy to use; just add water, making it easier for you and your team to mix and apply. Choose Durável for high-quality concrete flooring products formulated by professionals, for professionals like you.

Complete Line of Concrete Overlays

Broom Finish

Deep Texture

Knockdown Finish

Thin Overlay

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